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Class 9 Science – Motion chapter

C9 Physics Motion chapter

Step-by-Step coaching with Easy-to-Understand Video Lectures, Solved Examples and Exercises to make you a master of ‘Motion’ chapter of class 9 Science.

Why this course is important for you
You should realize that the Physics part of class 9 Science is very important. The foundation of Physics for NEET and IIT-JEE is built from class 9 onward.

It has been seen that only those students score high marks in the physics part of those entrance exams who had built a strong foundation of physics in class 9.

So, you must become serious about physics in class 9. You should devote enough time to understand the concepts, memorize the formulas, and solve numerical problems based on the concepts /formulas.

What You Will Learn
Starting from the fundamentals, this course will make you a ‘master’ of the ‘Motion’ chapter of class 9 Science. The course will first build a strong foundation, and then will proceed to make you an expert in solving different types of conceptual and numerical problems.

The strong foundation created by this course will help you in class 11 also.

You will learn:

* Necessary Concepts and Theories

* Graphical Representation of Motion

* Formulas needed to solve problems

* Techniques to solve Numerical Problems

Click on the ‘Curriculum’ tab above to view the lessons of the course.

How you will become a 'master'
The course is designed as a step-by-step coaching tutorial with Easy-to-Understand Video Lectures, Solved Examples, Solved Exercises and Assignments to make you a master of the topic.

My teaching experience of over 25 years has helped me to design the course in such a way that you will be able to learn everything yourself by watching the videos.

And whenever in the future you need to revise a concept, you will be able to find that easily from the ‘Curriculum’ tab. So, this will save you a lot of valuable time, specially before exams!

Remember, I am always here to help you.

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You can always ask me any doubt that you may have, any problem that you are finding difficult to solve!

You can email me your questions/doubts to  my email address,  “[email protected]”, or, WhatsApp me on 9365368668.

Course Validity: 1 year

You will be able to use the course for 52 weeks, but you will need less than a month to complete the course.

Special Discounted Price during this Lock-down period (due to corona-virus).


First class B.E. in 'Electrical and Electronics Engineering' from BITS-Pilani. Over 25 years of teaching experience on IT, Computer Science and Physics.

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  • Praful

    Excellent course

    Excellent teacher - knows how to teach. The course covers everything from concepts to numerical problems. Enjoying the course!

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