Latest Status of COVID-19 in India

Active cases: 819,  Recovered: 79,  Deaths: 19,  Total: 918

Precautions for Corona-virus

Status of COVID-19 in India (Graph as on 30-03-2020 10-30am)
Data as on 30-03-2020 10-30am

As can be seen from the graph, new daily increase of active cases has remained around 100 from 20th March. This has been possible due to people distancing oneself from one another.

The number of recovered cases is also increasing; another positive.

If it continues like this, we may escape a situation like Italy, Spain, USA etc.

Hope the people remain indoors for the rest of the lockdown period to stop the spread of the virus.

That is the only way to defeat it, since there is no direct medicine or vaccine right now.

Note: The data for the graph has been taken from:

Some people say that the data may not be correct.

Even I think the data is not 100% accurate. The 'active cases' are most probably the cases in hospitals under treatment.

There may be many infected people staying home with mild infections. It seems 80% of infected people recover by themselves with proper rest.

And some people (morons) refuse to quarantine themselves or get tested. Even  Rahul Gandhi refused it after returning from Italy, just imagine that!

The issue was raised in the parliament by MP Ramesh Bidhuri. Congress replied that RaGa was screened at the airport. But what about the 14-days quarantine?

Our tiny contribution in this fight against corona-virus

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Testing for COVID-19 is necessary

But India (and the world) has only a limited number of testing kits for COVID-19 at present (as on 28th March 2020). So mass testing has not been possible yet.

Good news is that a Pune based firm has developed a testing kit, medical authorities have given approval, govt has given green signal for production. They will be making 10,000 kits per week.

Similarly, another firm in Delhi is almost ready.

When these kits start to arrive, the much needed mass testing will start.

Let's hope that the situation does not go out of hand before that.

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