Let's Act for World Peace

The world is in turmoil today. There are only a few places on the earth where people are living peacefully. In most of the places, people are suffering from terrorism, intimidation, insecurity, hunger, disease, and whatnot. 'World Peace' seems to be a term from our dreams.

Over the last decades, some individuals and organizations have been trying to bring peace back into the world; but they have been unsuccessful. I think that every one of us should work (i.e. act) to bring peace back into the world. Merely thinking about world peace won't help, every one of us must work towards it.

You may be living a peaceful life right now.

So you may think 'these violent incidents happen elsewhere, I am safe'.

Really? Are you really safe?

You go to a mall/shopping complex to do your shopping, and suddenly someone appears and starts shooting with a semi-automatic or automatic weapon. (Happened in USA)

You go to worship in a church, and someone starts shooting because far away in New Zealand someone had shot some people of his religion! (Happened in Sri Lanka)

You go for a walk in a beautiful place to relax, and someone runs a bus over you because he is protesting some wrongdoings in his country by some other country. (Happened in Nice, France,)

And the list goes on….

So, are you really safe? Think again!

Even if you are safe or feeling safe, will your children be safe? You are giving them a good education so that they can have a prosperous life in the future. You are sending them (or planning to send them) to a developed country if you are not living in one right now, but will they be safe there? Won't there be a chance that they may fall victim to one of those acts of violence which are growing/spreading all the time?

Have you thought of that?

So, is it not necessary for every one of us to act for bringing this violence down to have a peaceful world?

Even a little contribution by every one of us will add up to become a significant factor in achieving this objective.

In my subsequent posts, I will analyze the root causes of these acts of violence and try to find probable solutions to eliminate them.

(Post #1: Uploaded on 10 Dec 2019 )

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