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How will you benefit from this NEET Test Series? Well, every year in the NEET exam, the Physics part of the NEET question paper creates problems for the students/candidates. It has been seen that many students who do well in the Biology and Chemistry parts fail to score the desired total marks in NEET due to low marks obtained in the physics part.

Hence, we at "" aim to correct this situation, and, help you to score good marks in the physics part of the NEET exam. This will help you to score the desired total marks in NEET.

Right now, we are focusing on only the physics part (and not on the Biology & Chemistry parts) because the main difficulty is in this part only.

Please scroll down to see our different tests under NEET Test Series.

Please also note that we offer 'Topic-wise Tiny Courses' on various topics of the physics syllabus. All courses are of high quality and taught in an unique easy-to-understand way. The courses are developed and taught by Mr. Anupal Bharali who is a First Class B.E. (EEE) from BITS-PILANI, and, possesses over 25 years of teaching experience on Computer Programming, Computer Applications and Physics.

Check you preparation for the Physics part of NEET with our 'Online NEET Test Series'.


  • Take this test to check your preparation for the Gravitation chapter of class 11 physics. The test is free, has 5 questions of past NEET/AIPMT exam with a time duration of 15 minutes. After completing the test, read the 'Result Analysis' to realize your level of preparation for this gravitation chapter.

Test Your Preparation for NEET on Gravitation chapter


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Test Your Preparation for NEET  on Projectile Motion

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