In my view, the peace-loving people of the world should become more active to reduce the violence that is happening in the world.

If we look around the world we can see that only around 15% of the population is involved in creating violence. Another 20 to 25% of the population is trying to restrain this violence. But the majority of the population (around 50 to 60%) are not doing anything either way. They are watching passively at the incidents happening all over the world. At most, they are passing comments on social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

I think this third group must become more active to bring peace back into this world.

Let's call the first group 'violent group', the second group as 'Peacekeeper group', and the third as 'Peace-Loving group'. 

The violent group

The violent group, consisting of only 15%, is creating trouble all over the world. It is made up of terrorists, criminals, bullies, etc. They were always present in all eras of human civilization, but their number has increased significantly in recent times. Some of these people have cleverly worn the mask of 'religious fighters' to openly carry out their violent acts, and yet, get support from the people of their religion. This group also possesses a ‘media arm’ consisting of TV channels, Newspapers, Websites, Hackers, etc to give them publicity and support.

The Peacekeeper group

The Peacekeeper group mainly consists of the military, para-military, police, secret services, etc of different countries. This group is finding it increasingly difficult to contain the violent acts of the first group. 

The Peace-Loving group

The Peace-Loving group, consisting of the common people, is watching passively the war between the first two groups. They want peace but are afraid to oppose the violent group actively, fearing reprisals from that group. This ‘passivity’ of the majority is a major reason for the increase in violence in the world today.

I think this Peace-Loving passive group must become more active if we want to make the world peaceful.

If you belong to the third group, please don’t remain passive; please become active!

How? You may ask!

I will discuss that in my next write-ups. 

For now, you may start by giving a Like, or Comment supporting this article. It will show to the world that you, a peace loving person is 'Active' or 'Becoming Active'; you are not sleeping, you are awake!

One like or comment from you will wake up ten others from the peace-loving group! So, please don’t hesitate or postpone it. 

Please Do it Now! 

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