PROJECTILE MOTION : Class 11 Physics This topic of ‘Projectile Motion’ is in ‘Chapter 4 : Motion in a Plane’ of the NCERT Physics book of class 11. It is an important chapter for #NEET, #JEE and class 11 Board Exams. This topic will enhance your thinking and analytical capabilities by introducing you to a […]

Past NEET Questions on Gravitation

Past NEET Questions on GRAVITATION  From past AIPMT Screening exams: Q) For a satellite escape velocity is 11 km/s. If the satellite is launched at an angle of 60º with the vertical, then escape velocity will be (a) 11 km/s (b) 11√3 km/s (c) 11/√3 km/s (d) 33 km/s [1989] Correct is (a) Q) A […]

Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion

Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion The first section of the gravitation chapter of class 11 Physics is about the Kepler’s laws. So, let’s first learn about Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion. Kepler proposed three laws to describe the motions of planets around the sun. These three laws are: (1) Kepler’s Law of Orbit: Every planet revolves around […]


Gravitation chapter: Kepler’s laws: class 11 syllabus In the beginning you may find this ‘Gravitation’ chapter a little bit confusing but actually it is an easy chapter. If you learn it the way I am teaching the concepts in this course, you won’t find it difficult or much confusing.   Take our FREE TEST to check your preparation […]

Essential Calculus for Physics & Chemistry

We have added the following course in our website ‘’ to help the students who are studying in science stream in class 11/class 12 (following NCERT syllabus in India like CBSE board, AHSEC and other state boards). Course name:   Calculus needed for physics & chemistry  Target students: Class 11,  class 12 and those appearing for […]