Past NEET Questions on Gravitation

Past NEET Questions on GRAVITATION  From past AIPMT Screening exams: Q) For a satellite escape velocity is 11 km/s. If the satellite is launched at an angle of 60º with the vertical, then escape velocity will be (a) 11 km/s (b) 11√3 km/s (c) 11/√3 km/s (d) 33 km/s [1989] Correct is (a) Q) A […]

Essential Calculus for Physics & Chemistry

We have added the following course in our website ‘’ to help the students who are studying in science stream in class 11/class 12 (following NCERT syllabus in India like CBSE board, AHSEC and other state boards). Course name:   Calculus needed for physics & chemistry  Target students: Class 11,  class 12 and those appearing for […]